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SLO5 - Paediatric Emergency Medicine

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Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) is an emerging sub-speciality of both paediatrics and emergency medicine focusing on providing highly specialised acute health care to children of all ages presenting to the ED with a wide range of undifferentiated conditions. ED physicians are expected to acquire the PEM skills to be able to make pragmatic and rapid decisions using a broad breadth of knowledge across a vast range of paediatric presentations. The 2021 RCEM curriculum has highlighted a variety of clinical conditions children present in the ED and is expecting clinicians to acquire extensive non-clinical skills and abilities, internally and externally. ED physicians must also develop skills to counteract the high-pressure nature of the work through communication, debriefing, and resilience training. This new manual will guide you through different paediatric presentations in the ED and equip you with the necessary skills and competencies for their management.

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